Our Story

Cheryl Jamieson

Cheryl Jamieson started Glansin Glass in 2008 after discovering kiln-formed glass on a trip to Norway. She had studied mathematics at university but had always had a creative side and she dreamed of having her own craft business. In fused glass she finally found her ideal medium and it allowed her to express her love for her native islands and provide a good work/life balance as she was also a busy mum and very active in her local community.

Over the years she has progressed from working on her living room floor to a portacabin and has now realised her dream of building her own visitor centre. She is ably supported by her family, who willingly step in to help when needed.

The name Glansin Glass comes from the old Norn language that was commonly used throughout Shetland after being introduced by the Vikings. The word glans meaning to shine; give light was recorded as being used in the north end of Unst in the late 1800s. As many of Cheryl’s pieces are bright and shiny, and she
grew up in Norwick in the north of Unst, it seemed a very apt name.

Cheryl is a proud Shetlander, and her work is very much inspired by where she comes from. Shetland is famous for many things such as knitwear, archaeology, geology and music. The landscape is stunning, with feisty little ponies on the hills, and abundance of birds on the cliffs. There is a strong Viking influence and this can be seen at the annual Up Helly Aa events across the islands, explored by visiting the many archaeological sites, and heard when listening to the local dialect. Glansin Glass is Shetland glass – through and through!